Safari Flow

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Safari Flow is a subscription-based reading platform. (You can think of it like Netflix for technical books.) If you're looking for web-related books, Safari’s library is stocked with the best of the best: O’Reilly Publishing, A Book Apart, and more.

In 2013, we were asked to help brand, strategize, and design the product for its Beta release.

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Safari Flow logo
↑ The Safari Flow logo. Symbol by Aaron Draplin.
Safari Flow's Recommendation Homepage
↑ Safari Flow’s homepage. On sign-up, readers are asked to mark the topics of their interest. Flow offers sections of books based on the users interests, behavior, and a piece’s popularity.
Safari Flow's reading interface
↑ The Safari Flow reading interface. Purposefully quiet so readers can focus on the text.
Safari Flow Hex Topic System
↑ Safari Flow has over 20 topics, and we developed a hex symbol system to identify them. Each reader subscribes to topics of their interest, forming a menu specific to their needs.
Safari Flow's Popular and Recommended Page
↑ Browse by topic, and Recommendations after finishing a text.
Safari Flow's Marketing Page
↑ The marketing page focuses on the buffet-style subscription, diversity of topics covered, and the convenience of a multi-device, web-based platform.