—Interface Design

BlipReel is the collective “Watch Later” feature you’ve always wanted on the web. A user builds up a queue of videos through a bookmarklet and their RSS subscriptions, and BlipReel would collect the individual videos, then string them together into larger, 15- or 30-minute blocks of entertainment.

Unfortunately, YouTube and Vimeo both launched Watch Later features a few months into development, and the project was abandoned.

Typeface: Gotham

BlipReel's Loading Screen
↑ In addition to the app, we designed BlipReel’s identity. The logo consists of 3 movie frames overlapping to form a play symbol, mimicking the app’s ability to string together separate videos into a cohesive viewing experience.
My List Screen
↑ Users have a queue they populate via a browser bookmarklet. Videos can also be starred to mark as favorite and sorted by viewed status.
My List Screen
↑ BlipReel also was intended to be a video-only RSS reader, making it easy to collectively watch the videos your friends and favorite blogs are sharing.
My List Screen
↑ The killer feature was the actual Reel. Rather than being scattered across several short videos throughout the day, viewers could have the app collect the videos and batch them together into more enjoyable chunks of time, like a playlist for videos or a traditional television line-up. Once inside of a BlipReel, users can skip around, but the intent is for the interaction to be a “lean back,” relaxing experience.